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"All good thing must come to an end", as the old saying goes. Bulbsthatlast4ever is no exception to this.

It's "Lights Out For Bulbsthatlast4ever":

We are announcing that 2016 will be the last year we will be in business. Thank you all for the great years…

We will be running our Liquidation Sale until we sell every from all our LED Lighting Inventory to the bathroom sink.

Please browse both the "Products" and "Gallery" sections of our website to see many of the products that will be liquidated until nothing is left on our shelves.

We will not be accepting any further request to develop any new products, we will only be selling whatever we have available. If we have 1 or 25 pieces, 1 up to 25 of those pieces can be be purchased. We will not manufacturer anything more of any particular item after that item has been sold out.

Please contact us regarding any item that would be of interest, Contact General Sales

Liquidation Sale Terms and Conditions:

• All sales will be Final and are "AS-IS", no further warranties will apply.

• Any orders less than $250 will require a Full Payment at the time of the order.

• A deposit up to 60% will be required for all orders greater than $251.

• Some items require assembly after the date of sale. Lead-times for these items will apply, which could be up to several weeks.

• Shipping and Handling charges will apply to all orders.

• All prices will be in US Dollars.

We Accept PAYPAL!!!

Business Investment Opportunity:

For those businessmen looking for an inventment opportunity, this could be what you are looking for.

Our entire physical inventory, intellectual property such as all engineering and fabrication files, vendor and customer list will be just a few of the items that will be sold as a complete package. We would entertain any reasonable offers to take over the entire bundle.

Please contact us regarding if this would be of interest, Contact General Sales